Mud Fever can be the scourge of many a horse owner, this blog explores exactly what the condition is and how best to tackle it December is the time of year where we see our horses out in muddy conditions, which often leads to signs of mud fever. This painful and distressing condition affects all...
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Feeding a Joint Supplement can make a huge difference to a horse but what are the essential ingredients in a modern high spec Joint Supplement. A horse’s joints are subject to considerable wear and tear, having to bear the entire weight of the horse and rider, often under exacting conditions. Horses today are required to...
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Small steps, assisted by imports from Britain and Ireland, are helping Kuwait’s racehorse breeding industry to recover from the horrendous ravages of the Gulf War 30 years ago. A huge number of horses were victims of the invasion by Iraq, which lasted from August 1990 until the following February, although, as Muhsen Almutairi, one of...
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