A family-run breeding program

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Specialized in Warmblood sport horses and Thoroughbred race horses.

A family-run breeding program

Equiciety is a family-run breeding program which specializes in Warmblood sport horses and Thoroughbred race horses.

In 2015 we began purchasing quality horses to train, compete, race, and breed. We have slowly grown, and our horses can now be seen competing internationally.

In 2015, Sabah M. Al-Sabah and his wife, Fajer B. Al-Sabah founded Equiciety. They began buying and breeding Warmblood dressage horses, showjumping horses, and Thoroughbred racehorses.


The Story Behind Equiciety

Sabah Al-Sabah is an avid supporter of racehorses and has been an owner since 2008. His career started with racing horses in Kuwait, also serving as a steward at the racetrack. He assisted his uncle in operating the most successful racing yard in Kuwait. Sabah later concentrated solely on buying and breeding horses in Ireland, as well as keeping performing racehorses in the United Kingdom, with trainers such as Marco Botti, Amy Murphy, George Scott, and Roger Fell.

Fajer Al-Sabah was born in an environment that nourished her passion for horses. She has been riding since as early as she could remember. Her favorite equestrian sport had always been dressage, and her fervor for the discipline led her to buying and breeding horses for dressage. Fajer also breeds jumping horses, for her love of horses does not fall only into the dressage segment. She keeps her horses in training in the Netherlands, as well as in Kuwait.

This partnership began early into the marriage, as both parties were extremely concentrated on building an equestrian empire. They also encourage other riders by providing sponsorships and support. Sabah and Fajer are both greatly determined to back all equine sports in all disciplines.

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